Amsterdam, here we come!

VidCon Europe 2018, Day 1 – Thursday, March 22

Alright, let’s do this! It’s the first day of our long-awaited trip to this years VidCon Europe in Amsterdam and the cold Austrian weather has finally received our memo.

It’s spring, so please stop it with the snow already. It has been cool for a while, but we want to feel some sun rays again. Thanks.”

So basically, the clouds broke and we couldn’t have asked for a better day to fly to the Dutch capital, which is sure to be one of the best cities to start off the new season change. We packed a light jacket, fresh sneakers and a ton of motivation for all the exciting workshops, AMA’s, Q&A’s and Thought Meetups that await us in the next three days.

Wanna to know which events we are most excited about?

  • Finding Your Niche and Staying Authentic
  • AMA with Stephanie and Matthew Partick (Creators of “The Game Theorists” and “The Film Theorists“)
  • Creators on Facebook: Create, Grow and Connect and How To’s from Facebook
  • How to Make the YouTube Algorithm Work for You
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC Intermediate Workshop

So hold on tight. This will be great!


Staying authentic in every way.


VidCon Europe 2018, Day 2 – Friday, March 23

We landed safe and sound, slept well and downed the first of many coffees today. This year’s VidCon Europe is held in the Mövenpick Hotel right next door to the Amsterdam Central Station…and it is packed. But right off the bat, the people are super nice and friendly. They are all posting away and are highly motivated. Networking is in the air!

Finding your Niche and being yourself.

Today’s first event in the so-called “Creators Track” will be “Finding your Niche and Staying Authentic”. A brief introduction to the creators’ potential abilities to target a specific niche audience in order to not only staying authentic in your personal content but also to engage with your fans on a deeper level.

Some of the most valuable advice is the following: In order to find your Niche you have to find something that really grabs your full attention and interests you on a deep and personal level, otherwise you might lose interest after some time or in the worst case, your audience will see and hear your lack of passion behind your videos. Which leads us to some other very important insights. Know your audience, bring something interesting to the conversation or even find a new angle and niche. Another important advice is to always be an expert and do your research, and of course to be yourself and try to open up to your audience.

Next up was a short AMA session with Stephanie and Matthew Partick, aka the creators of the “The Game Theorists” and “The Film Theorists” YouTube channels. Now was our chance to ask them what exactly has to be included in a clickable and attention-grabbing YouTube thumbnail. The answer? Use text, use colors and place faces on the left side of the thumbnail! That’s it. Easy right?

The Creators’ Journey.

Lastly, we attended “Creators on Facebook: Create, Grow and Connect. Best Practices and How To’s from Facebook”, an event hosted by Julie Bogaert. This speech was all about expanding your presence on Facebook, as well as a general update on a range of product updates and creative tools to help build your brand on Facebook.

One of the most important details we gained insights on was the fact that every Facebook News Feed is strictly organized and ranked on what Julie Bogaert called “meaningful interactions“. It is essentially based on a ranking system which determines if a Facebook Post is meaningful and personal to the user. For example, a personal post by a family member or a close friend will always be ranked higher than a headline-post by an online news outlet.

Julie Bogaert also showed her knowledge about the importance and effectiveness of Live Content on Facebook, as she stated that only one out of five videos on Facebook is Live but gains six-times more interaction and generates ten-times more comments. Why? She explained that Live videos have a huge benefit over traditional pre-recorded video content. A level of immediacy, uniqueness, surprise and social connection. Basically, you want to watch someones live stream because you never know when or what will happen, thus there is an immediate state of social connection between the audience and the creator.

Algorithms and Video-Editing

VidCon Europe 2018, Day 3 – Saturday, March 24

Yesterday was a blast, and today will surely not disappoint either. There’s a ton of events to get to, so let us not slack around!

The YouTube Algorithm is everywhere.

The first event of the day was “How to Make the YouTube Algorithm Work for you” hosted by the charismatic duo Matthew and Stephanie Patrick. The couple has been running their channels since 2009 and therefore gathered a lot of insights in navigating the YouTube algorithm to their benefits. We’re excited to share their knowledge with you.

Watchtime is EVERYTHING and it runs in circles. Let’s say you’ve made a super cute video about your cat dressed as a unicorn…because why not, right? The more views you get on your video the more Watchtime you generate, which will make the YouTube Algorithm promote you, which leads to more views, which generates more Watch time, which goes on and on until your cat is more famous that you will ever be.

Other essential insights on how to push your videos just a bit further are the following:

  • DO NOT use URL-links in your description that will push the audience off the platform. YouTube wants your audience nearby!
  • DO NOT link out to huge playlists with hundreds of videos in them. Nobody has so much time!
  • DO NOT use misleading titles. The caption is everything! Use the most important search term on the front of the title.
  • DO NOT ask people to do too many things at the end of your video. Liking, subscribing, leaving a comment and checking out your last video is TOO MUCH!
  • DO use one “call to action”. Keep it simple and ask your audience to only answer a question in the comments OR to hit the notification bell.
  • DO link out to another video on your channel, BUT do so in the first description line, so that everyone can see it right away.
  • DO make longer and more interesting videos. It will generate more of that sweet, sweet Watch time.
  • DO post more videos on the weekend than during the week and more people will wind down their stressful evenings with your videos!
  • DO use YouTube Analytics to see if our tips helped you to break the YouTub Algorithm.


Nerding out on video-editing.

All things must come to an end, and what better way to end this great trip than to nerd out about video- editing and post-production in all its forms. We are talking about two particular events that we had a lot of fun at. “Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro CC Workshop” and “Adobe Premiere Pro CC Intermediate Workshop”.

Here are some tips we gathered just for you!

  • When in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, click on a workspace window and hit the “^” key. BAM, your workspace window fills your whole screen now.
  • If you do not own the latest 4K Video-editing machine, try and ingest your videos by creating so-called low resolution “proxies”. Your CPU will thank you for it.
  • When reviewing all the video files you shot with your camera, use “M” to set markers for your edit.
  • If you are in need of some drone footage from South France or a long-shot from Venice Beach in California, use the Adobe Stock feature to buy and use stock footage.
  • When color grading with the Lumix Effect. Press “0” (zero) to switch between the original video look and your graded version of it.
  • Enhance your audio files by using “Essential Sounds” in the Audio Workspace.
  • Master your audio channels by using the “Multi-Band Compressor” and choosing the preset “Internet Delivery”

To sum it up, the VidCon Europe 2018 gave us great insights on many levels. From personal to business-related advice, we gained a lot of knowledge and strongly advise you to visit next year’s VidCon yourself. Be there, and share your own fresh insights with us.



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