LUX & FUX is an agency specialized in the field of digital marketing.

We call our field of work the “digital mixed forest”, trees represent our different sets of experiences and skills. This includes the fields of online marketing - especially social media, event direction and production. Like a real forest, we’re continually growing and planting new innovative seeds.

Our team is based in Salzburg, Austria from where we’ve built up a reliable partner-network we regularly work with.

We're hiring!

We're currently searching for a Senior Social Media Manager and a Junior Social Media Manager. Just drop us a line if you're interested in working with us!


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There's a lot we can do for you!

Digital Event Marketing

We believe that the crowd on-site AND your audience at home should be engaged and excited about your event. With powerful ideas, creative approaches and a purposeful execution we help you reach your audience right in their comfort zone and get them out to play!

Event Production & Direction

Lights, camera, action! Well, usually it's not that easy... But we love the challenge giving your audience goosebumps - no matter whether it’s a sports event, a cultural event or the annual shareholders' meeting. With an eye for details and a huge amount of empathy for your crowd we attribute a new meaning to the "MC".

Social Media & Community Management

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and their relatives are the names of our digital forests. We help you reach your target audience at eye level giving them beady eyes about your brand or product. Therefore we develop innovative strategies for your needs, add a personal community management and an efficient way to monitor/evaluate it - et violà - people will talk about your brand or product.

Live Streaming

You're live, we're live, everybody is live! We make sure that your live experience is outstanding by keeping track of the newest ways and tools to get the most out of this thrilling new way to reach your audience. We're specialists for Facebook Live, no matter whether it is the overall production, the staging or just the technical streaming setup. We might just have what you we're looking for.

Social Media Training & Workshops

For brands, athletes or other public persons alike we provide specific social media training and workshops to increase your skills and knowledge about the latest developments and possibilities. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime and we tinker the perfect customized social media training and workshop for you.

Brand Consulting Digital Marketing

It's somehow magic but we actually get our hearts to beat at the same pace as your brand's heart. Maybe this is why we have such a strong understanding for brands and their products. If you want to push your brand and/or products online, we can help you with that. Therefore, we target your audience online through a holistic 360° approach over all suitable online channels and networks. We trigger the desired WOM and let those digital people out there speak about your brand or product.

Online Analytics and Strategy

Facts, figures and big data is what we love and our basis for big brainwaves, breaking insights and our key in order to increase your performance. Whether it's web or app analytics, user tracking, conversion improvements or KPI definition and analysis, we will hunt the big data beast down and serve it as a meal of insights to your table. Buon appetito!

Web Content Management

Admitted, managing online content is probably not the most thrilling work to do. Nevertheless, this is the time where they all say stuff like "content is king" and other phrases emphasising the importance of telling the right story in the right way. We make sure that your stories (maybe even told by us) are presented in the right way. Plus, we stay on top of things for you so you can lean back and think about the next chapter of your brand's or product's story.

Customized Scoreboards & Event-Software

We develop costumized solutions to display your event mode on screen. Whether it's an overview of the standings, real-time scoring of the judges, overviews of knock-out heats, information about the participants and so on, we get you the attention and increase the excitement of your event.

Esports Management

In the digital business, you can't ignore that Esports is booming and growing every day. Fitting interactions, captions, reactions and on point activation through us will help your Esports department grow. We do not only talk Esports, we breathe it too, always knowing the latest news, trends and events. Let us make you and your customers say "GGWP". It doesn't matter if it's about live streams, social media, setting up twitch channels, ... We do it and we do it well.


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